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Aqua-park rules

  It is not recommended to use water rides to people with disabilities who are overweight and pregnant women

  Violating rules can lead to serious injury.

  Not allowed to bring food and drinks.

  Please, take a shower before you go into a pool.

  During bathing not to carry jewelry.

  Please keep your valuables in the safe. Aqua Park is not responsible for lost items.

  Not allowed to jump and run during the descent to the water slides.


  Terms of use water attractions

 • While sailing and skiing with the slides, please do not forget to take off your jewelry
 • Aqua Park is not responsible for lost or stolen items that are not stored in designated areas.
 • It is not recommended:   
 - people with disabilities   
 - overweight   
 - pregnant women
 • During the rolling hills with the following guidelines:  
 A) Is prohibited during the rolling hills to stand on his feet and interfere with movement;
 B) It is forbidden to run or jump;
 C) Prohibits the slide upside down and jump under the waterfall;
 D) Do not leave children unattended;  
 E) At the entrance to the aqua  park is prohibited carry with them food, juices and beverages; 
• Tickets are valid for only one day 
• Please follow the instructions of the trainers. Violation of the rules can lead to serious injuries. 
• There are restrictions on age and growth for the slopes, children can only use baby slopes. 
• Do not use swimming pools by people who cannot swim because it is dangerous. 
• Please read the instructions and directions of the depth before using any of the attraction.


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