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Where is Aqua park situated?
Aqua park is located at the Novkhani settlement, 20 km away from the capital city Baku, on the coast of Caspian Sea
Working hours of Aqua Park
Aqua Park is open from 10 am up to 20 pm
Are pets allowed?
Pets are not allowed, because of the hygenic rules and for not to disturbing others.
Do you allow to bring own food and beverage?
Own food and beverage is not allowed because of the hygenic rules.
Do you have any restrictions while using water slides?
There is no age restrictions for the water slides (as we have water slides for kids and for adults). We dont recommend to use the aqua park to the guest who weigt more than 90 kg.
Do you accept credit cards in Aqua Park?
For your comfort we take not only cash but also credit card (VISA)
Which services are included to the ticket for a visit?
- All kind of attracsions, sunbeds,umbrellas,table and chairs.
- circles fulled with air
- special beach area
- taking part in the night show programs
- participating on the different competions having chnaces to gain prizes
Novxanı qəsəbəsi (Dəniz Kənarı), AZ 0119
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